My practices

My practices are a combination of formal training and intuition that melds into my own essence of healing. I focus on the heart and come from a loving place in all my sessions.

Reiki is used as my primary healing modality. I raise my energy with a prayer and call to the universe during every session. In my sessions I ask for divine guidance and I listen to my higher intuition at all times. What comes through during my sessions with a client is truly unique to them.

I also offer prayer and affirmation work. During these moments, we may pray out loud or silently, depending on how my client feels. There may be a conversation on what is felt and heard, this is dependent on what is coming through from the source.

My affirmation work consists of writing down and burning affirmations. This work starts with a small meditative prayer and intention. We may go into the work with chanting or silence. Again, this is dependent on what is coming through from spriit.

Meditation is offered during every Reiki session. I use meditation as a guide before Reiki.

Time spent on mediation varies from each individual. Some meditation work may require drawing or writing after. I offer different mediums for my clients to express what is coming through during our sessions.

All sessions are in confidence. The safety and comfort of all my clients is of the upmost importance to me. My space is a safe space where there is no judgement and all are welcomed.

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